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I am Pradeep Singh, graduated in BUSINESS STUDIES and not great in scholastics i began writing rhymes sonnets 3 years prior and as yet practing to write better, this is continuous process " the more you write its show signs of improvement ". i used to compose on various conditions of connection, which can be any sort of connection exist in this world. connection is comprised of feelings and sentiments which just demonstrate the adoration and love. i used to listen writers,poet, lyrics, articles and so on other substance which gives me or help me to get the things in other way and comprehend it totally.

I simply need pass on my contemplations, my perspectives, my comprehension and the genuine scenerio of relations. what's more, i likewise need to discuss different things like wellness, energy, and the neccesary things affecting the LIFE.

I am sharing my own encounters and my encompassing stories to improve comprehend which ideally help you in your cases, you change your view and change over it into energy, to live glad longer there is just a single run " ACCEPT TRUTH, LIVE HAPPY ".

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