true love story poem

I just want to tell THE TRUE LOVE STORY, I was unknown of everything hardly care for anything, no matter whats going on. I was happy with my little little wants, simple life, usual habits of child. All the days were going on with flow. nothing has an impact on my life. and i was living good. My heart doesn’t know anything and not in condition to take decisions.

Once a day, i saw her , she is beautiful, her face like an art, her eyes like pearl, her lips like petals. She is just beautiful creation by a god. From there on my heart started wondering here and there for her. i tried so many times to talk to her but all my hard work failed. And i get demotivated and lost my hope for her, diverted my mind to other things. I think that was also the part of true love story.

true love story poem

I decided to forgot her and to walk to new way, i changed my attitude towards her and started ignoring her. Fortunately this was the turning point of the love story, She started liking me but i remained my behavior same for her, which forces her to love me or she started loving me. And one day her friend come to me and told me about her love for me but i refused and reject the proposal. And that was the biggest mistake i had done. And when she came to know that i refused, then in next minute she started crying so hard, because i broke her heart. But her kind behavior never complain me for that. And she behaves so good to me every time even after this.

All she wanted that to me love her back, She wants to spend to whole life with me, but i didn’t gave any answers to her questions or i didn’t respect her feelings. Which all were only for me. perhaps god wants me to learn the importance for people. I was so unlucky.

true love story poem

I was fool that i refused to my fortune, i was so unlucky. I created distance from you which hurts me after some period because i realized that i also you love her but my attitude or my way of living style never gave me time to think of it and i realize that how much she is important for me. But at lastly distance made me learn about importance of  belongingness, and then my heart was waiting for her and i was feeling like a true love or i am in paasage of TRUE LOVE STORY.

I was living my live for her without her, i was creating myself for you, and wanted you to come in my life. I am improving myself according to you. i was praying to god please give her all my blessings, give all my luck to her to achieve anything in life. Somewhere she was also praying for me that’s why my steps always moved towards her way.

true love story poem

I was sure about that you still waiting for me and i was in a search of moment to get you back in my life. the day has come when you came in my life and proposed me, that i was feeling like i become capable for you to keep you happy throughout the life. Or i finished my punishment to refusing you which was given by god. And in return he gave me you.

I just want you to forget the past and make new memories from now onwards, just want you to never see sadness and problems in our moving life and make new and only beautiful memories and the true love story. which can be share with anyone

I am writing this from my heart this is not an imagination.


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