father, papa, dad, love, sacrifice, poem       Mostly, we all have the parents, father and mother but generally we all  are often talk about the mother only and even in the books, most of the paragraphs are about the mother and very much least about the father. and the ” love of father” becomes “Unnoticed” and Unknown. We all know the invisible effort of father but never notice and never give attention to his efforts. and for that he never complains because he is the second person like mom, who is always worried about their children and family. He is the only person by whom our world exists, who gave us the food, shelter and necessary things which is important for us. And also buy every possible happiness for us by sacrificing their wants and by work throughout the day far from us, to only see the beautiful smile on our face. He is the love of mother, ring of her finger, necklace of her neck, he is the reason for her life. because of him we are able to live with respect in the world, he encourages to watch dreams and build our confidence to achieve those dreams by fulfilling our demand. With him i feel like i can achieve anything, i can buy anything, everything is mine, the whole world is mine. He is the confidence of the child and the real hero of their lives.



father, papa, pita, love, unnoticed, sacrificing, poem We all have our father with us, that’s why generally we don’t realize the importance of father. But if you really want to know about importance of father in the life every individual, then go an ask the orphan about the importance of father. Only the orphan can tell about it, even the beggar have the love of father although he doesn’t proper livelihood. The love of father is so much important for everyone, so many times he used to scold us but behind that he has fear of hurt, care of child, and love for us.


father, papa, pita, love, unnoticed, sacrificing

We are living because of our father, our life is given by him and he love us so much but as he is a man having a strong heart and not expressive, so that, he hardly shows the love by expression but he always shows the love by his actions by fulfilling the desires of us. He knows our happiness and bring that to us.

He is like moon of night who gives the pleasant feeling to make us comfortable and sleep with our beautiful dreams. He is like rays of sun who gives us lightning to the way to our success and present always there behind our back. He is like our shoes in the burning road to protect our feet from burning, likewise he protect us from all problem.

father, papa, pita, love, unnoticed, sacrificing

He never shows and expresses the love, but love truly unconditional with us. We enjoy our happiness but he celebrates our happiness that’s the love of father. He has pain in his eyes when he scolds us and has pain in his heart when he become angry on us and we can feel that when we hug him. He is the strongest person in the world.

He don’t wish for him, He don’t have any hobby, He only has a dream of child’s happiness and always keeps on doing things which bring happiness to our face. He know the pain of broken dreams so, he never want us to bear that pain that’s why he worked so hard that we can easily achieve our dream.

He is the person who become friend with their children and understand them and their feelings, problems situation and solve that accordingly in a children’s way. He is the tutor, friend, hero, and he is everything who fulfill every single gap in our life.

father, papa, pita, love, unnoticed, sacrificing

Father completes the mother and child. Mother and Children are like beads and Father is like rope, when they meet it becomes the necklace. He fights with every condition to bring the happiness. He is the whole world for us, or he can replace the world but the whole world cannot replace him.

He is golden key of house without him there is nothing in the house, he is the base of the house on which the house build if he is not there, there is no world, no life.


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