People are different from each other and they have something unique in them which help them to build their own & unique identity. and every person have some fantasies some of them can be told and some of them can’t be told to anyone because of fear of being judged on the basis of our secret fantasies. because of fear we never try to do the things which makes us unhappy, socially ill, introvert and sometimes it causes anxiety, anger, irritation. and we want to live alone. all we just need to take first step towards our fantasies our wants to achieve the happiness of life.

Here’s a story of man (Abhi) – FEAR OF BEING JUDGED OR BEING ALONE!

there is a guy “Abhi”, he is a very innocent, intelligent and sincere. but he is not actually, what he looks like. He has some desires some fantasy for him, what he want to achieve or complete but the society doesn’t allow these types of desires and fantasy. You all are eager to know about the desire and fantasy. It is awkward but its a bitter truth that “Abhi” loves to wear the clothes of girls or woman, although he is a boy but he loves to get ready like a girl. He has a great sense of dressing. But his desires can’t be get fulfilled, until the society accepts him like this. As the passes his desire’s will get rising or increasing because he is also fond of watching fashion shows and never missed even a single show. The more he get to know about the fashion, more he gets fantasized by it. Now he want fulfill his dreams or desires but again the pressure of society forces him to stop thinking about his desires but he can’t do that. He stops thinking or caring about society and parents, and takes step towards his desires and fantasy. He got ready like a girl in a room but he still wondered about, how he is going to show others. Then  once a day he came to know about a online platform or a website, on which anyone can share their secret desire and fantasy. he started doing activities on website. Every time he got ready, he shoots his full video of dress-up and make-up. gradually he started gaining fame from that website. Now he is the one most famous fashion designer and make artist in this world.

All we need to do is, just to show a guts and takes a single step towards to your dreams, desires and fantasies.

Reasons of fear of being judged or being alone.

  • thinking what people thinks
  • overthinking
  • lack of communication
  • lack of confidence
  • self assumption
  • self declaration
  • less control
  • tolerate power
  • will power
  • pressure of society
  • peer pressure
  • fear of take step
  • fear of acceptance
  • fear of punishment and etc.

 Overcome fear of being judged or being alone

  • stop thinking about what people thinks
  • stop over-thinking
  • communicate everything
  • build confidence
  • positive assumption
  • don’t declare results yourself
  • control your emotions
  • increase tolerance power
  • strengthen your will power
  • be yourself
  • don’t feel fear to take steps and etc.

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